What are the health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms in UK

Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms It helps treat Mental Health Disorders It helps control Addiction Enhances creativity Enhances Problem Solving Everything in Moderation A Call to Modern Research Facts about Magic Mushrooms Magic mushrooms contain compounds called psilocybin. When ingested and metabolized, it becomes psilocin.Benefits of magic mushrooms in the UK 1.1It is the season when many people ingest our fungal friends – beyond a fun time – what are the benefits? 1.21. Increase of “openness” and other beneficial shifts in personality 1.32. Smoking cessation and other addictions 1.43. Reduce depression 1.54. Dissolve your ego and increase creativity.The UK & Ireland Mushroom Producers group is a partnership between key mushroom farmers across the UK & Ireland who are naturally enhancing mushrooms with the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D. Our passion for these sunny sponges drives our desire to educate the nation’s consumers on the health benefits of eating British and Irish mushrooms and in particular, those enriched with Vitamin D.

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