Mushroom Tea

The difference between a regular tea and a good one is the same as the difference between anything you make with your hands: it’s all about the attention you devote. Everyone knows that cooking with love means better dishes! When you put love in what you do, your efforts will always garner great results.

This being said, the second most important thing is using good quality ingredients – and magic mushrooms are no exception: use only the best dried mushrooms available. Select the black or herbal tea of your choice of course, but steer clear of caffeinated tea. Caffeine in tea has the same effect as it does in coffee, so it could make you restless. The presence of uppers adds nothing to the psychedelic experience, apart from possible discomfort on both a physical and emotional level.

You’ll find step by step instructions in the second half of this article. First though, let’s look at the most frequently asked questions on this mode of consumption so you can figure out whether or not mushroom tea is right for you.

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