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Shiitake Mushrooms, Fresh, 500g £9.95 Add to Basket Portobello Mushrooms, 1.5kg £13.10 Add to Basket Cultivated Mushroom Mix, Fresh £22.75 Add to Basket Grey Oyster Mushrooms, 1kg £12.95 Add to Basket Hon Shimeji Mushrooms, 300g £8.50 Add to Basket Girolle Mushrooms, Frozen, 1kg £36.95 Out of stock Small Whole Porcini, ‘Bouchon’, Frozen, 1kg £37.95. Buy Fresh Mushrooms Online UK | Merit Mushrooms Mushrooms picked just for you Enjoy fresh mushrooms grown in the UK delivered directly to your door. We want to bring you the freshest, tastiest and highest quality mushroom available in London and the whole UK. Our variety is available all year round for you to enjoy.

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